taken on iPhone X by my 12 year old sister in Beirut


I enjoy empowering teams to ship well-loved products.

My experience spans product management, industrial design, user research and manufacturing. Worked at award-winning consultancies. Previously, Director of Integrated Products at Kano (Top 10 Most Innovative CE Company). Graduated from Central Saint Martins (Top 6 Design school in the world).

  • ex-”startup founder”

  • trained as an industrial designer

  • +7 consumer electronics products shipped (from computers to pens)

  • +100 hrs of user research completed

  • +$18 million in revenue

Currently, I am Hardware and Product Manager at Masternaut - Europe’s leading data-driven telematics provider. In my spare time, I write and design medical equipment for a private surgeon.

email: hello [at] sherifmaktabi (dot) com

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